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Using Interactive Elements in an E-learning Course

By Manisha Tandale Learner engagement is critical to the success of any e-learning course. A high quality e-learning course that immerses learners into the learning process, provides them with a good learning experience, and facilitates learner participation is crucial for achieving learner engagement. An e-learning course with just text and graphics can be a boring

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Gamification and Games-Based Learning Fundamentals

By Rhutuparna Tembe   We all know that gamification and game-based learning are the buzzwords of this time offering innumerable benefits.   Both gamification and game-based learning however, are not precisely the same.   Let us delve into the fundamentals of both gamification and game-based learning.   So what is gamification and games-based learning after

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Gamification in Learning

By Rhutuparna Tembe    Down the memory lane   Back when I was in school, one of my teachers handed out assignments once a year, for each one of us to tackle individually. Topics were allocated to each one of us that included planets, geographical regions, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, games, history, etc. By the

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Thoughts and Suggestions for Identifying Corporate Training Translation Requirements for Global Organizations

The lessons and information shared in this blog have been compiled by Exult based on our experience working with a number of global organizations and meeting their corporate training translation needs. We have summarized our findings using inputs from our experience, our 3rd party translation partners, and Internet research.   Need and Benefits of Corporate

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