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Popularity of Videos as Learning Solution

By Vishakha Naik The other day, I was narrating a story to my kids and they promptly demanded to watch the same story on YouTube! Last week I was explaining my mom the recipe to cook white sauce pasta and she asked me to share the recipe video instead 🙂 That’s the popularity of Video-based

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E-learning Trends 2017

In recent times, we have witnessed an amazing variety of innovative learning solutions that effectively addresses the evolving learner needs, advancement in technology, and the overall urge to make learning more impactful. What learning solutions do you think will dominate the e-learning space this year? Which trends will successfully catch learners’ attention? Find answers to

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Enriching Learning Experience Through a Business Simulation or a Game

By Parvati Prabha Learning by doing is a principle that has been entrenched in practice for over a thousand years as it is believed to be the most enriching form of education. Aristotle wrote “for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them” (Book II: Aristotle, Nichomachean

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Adapt Learning – E-learning of the Future

By Vidyuth Singh Millennials form a large part of the global corporate workforce today. They are tech-savvy, hyper-connected, and mobile, and expect instant access to everything – news, shopping, banking, social contact, entertainment, and yes – to learning. A staid computer with an elaborate LMS and a WBT no longer rules the roost when it

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Design Dynamics of Interactive Conversations Part 2

By Rhutuparna Tembe   In the earlier post we reviewed two key design elements that should be considered when designing interactive conversations – Scriptwriting and Branching.   Let’s discuss the other two design elements critical to successful interactive communication: Audio and Visuals.   Brass tacks of creating Interactive Conversations   Audio and visuals play an

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Using Interactive Conversations: An Introduction

By Rhutuparna Tembe   Overview Research has revealed that engaging the learners in the learning process is bound to increase their attention and motivation while endorsing meaningful learning experiences. To check whether the learning is really transpiring, we can consider learner engagement level as one of the predictors.   Creating an immersive learning experience for

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