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How Colors Fulfil E-learning

By Vidyuth Singh   We engage with color every day. The preferences we apply to procure our things, the signs we follow to maneuver our cars, or the clothes we don to convey our moods – they have everything to do with color. We may not always be conscious of it, but color plays a

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Story-based eLearning: To use or not to use?

By Mugdha Narkar   Stories have always been an integral part of our lives, ranging from interesting fables and bedtime stories, typically involving animals and other things that are part of the children’s world, to gripping novels and magazines that interest adults, to entertaining and engaging animations, and even films. With technological advent and changing

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Top 8 E-learning Trends Infographic

By Exult Keeping a close eye on the trends is important for learning professionals since they are responsible for managing training within their organization, and thereby developing a competitive workforce in a changing global market. Here is a list of the top 8 e-learning trends to follow in this year.   Gamification Gamification is the

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Infographics in eLearning

By Manisha Tandale   As Instructional Designers our key focus is to develop courses that will gain the attention of the learners, keep them engaged, and communicate the key concepts. We ensure this by using the appropriate instructional strategies and a suitable visual design approach, which is one of the key elements while developing an

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