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Design Dynamics of Interactive Conversations(Part1)

By Rhutuparna Tembe   In the earlier post we saw what an interactive conversation is and also discussed the phenomenon of ‘Suspension of Disbelief’. Interactive conversations spring a feeling of a continuous tête-à-tête between the program and the learner. Just as a fictional book or a fictional film creates an illusion that whatever you see

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Cartoon-based Approach for Learning

By Rhutuparna Tembe   Do you enjoy watching cartoons?   Back when I was a kid I loved watching ‘Sesame Street’, ‘Loony Tunes’, ‘Pingu’, ‘Tom and Jerry’ ‘Popeye’, and many other cartoon shows that were broadcasted on television.   These shows used humorous plots and simple animations to instill various skills for kids. Their theme

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Gamification in Learning

By Rhutuparna Tembe    Down the memory lane   Back when I was in school, one of my teachers handed out assignments once a year, for each one of us to tackle individually. Topics were allocated to each one of us that included planets, geographical regions, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, games, history, etc. By the

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