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Adapt Learning – E-learning of the Future

By Vidyuth Singh Millennials form a large part of the global corporate workforce today. They are tech-savvy, hyper-connected, and mobile, and expect instant access to everything – news, shopping, banking, social contact, entertainment, and yes – to learning. A staid computer with an elaborate LMS and a WBT no longer rules the roost when it

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Why M-Learning Projects Fail?

By Saurabh Pangarkar M-Learning or Mobile Learning is a current buzzword for every organization. For many people, M-Learning is about making the training content accessible on mobile devices to cater to the learners’ needs on the go. But wait! Is that the complete definition? Not quite so. This article will talk about some incomplete and

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Creating Effective Storyboards for Mobile Learning

By Priyanka Malhotra Discussions on mobile learning solutions are typically driven by the devices supported, the resolution used, screen size, and the responsive design architecture. However, instructional design plays an equally important role in the overall effectiveness of the mobile learning solution. To recall what Steve Jobs once stated-   “Design is not just what

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5 Things L&D Should Consider Before Embracing M-Learning

By Saurabh Pangarkar Mobility has been the buzzword for the past couple of years. Several organizations, big or small, have been busy identifying the perfect solution to quickly meet their audience’s learning needs on the go. “Do you need a mobile solution” is no more a relevant question today. A more apt question would be

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